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Sir Menzies Campbell, former leader of the Liberal Democrats and MP for North East Fife, has been the Patron of the James and Mary Walker Community Restoration Project since 2013.

Menzies CampbellHe is an enthusiastic supporter of the RNLI and its history and is therefore keen that the trustees of the lifeboat are given as much support as possible.

Menzies Campbell is one of the most respected and successful politicians of his generation and he is no stranger to difficult challenges. He was a successful university level athlete and he ran the 200m for the GB team at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and became captain of the UK Athletics Team 1965-66. He held the British 100m record from 1967 to 1974.

The ‘iron men’ of the James and Mary Walker Lifeboat would have appreciated and valued his tenacity and endurance and we think that he would have made the crew... Menzies kindly agreed to become our Patron in April 2013.

 “The more I learn about the James and Mary Walker Lifeboat and its crew, the more I realise that this boat needs to be saved and restored. It’s a key part of the heritage of Fife and its restoration is a fitting testament to the wonderful work that the trustees, and volunteers have embarked upon – that’s why I became a Patron of the James and Mary Walker Community Restoration Project”…………………..Menzies Campbell, Patron

Photo’s and extracts from a book called  ‘Anstruther Lifeboat Station -  A History 1865-1985 by Michael Welch’ – Modern photos by Roger Grundy and Carl van der Lee - 2012




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